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✤ Mors

┋Jack saw the smoke rising in furious, vigorous circles from afar, but he refused to believe it. The nearer he got, the more he could feel his heart sink. His brain threw explanations around like a volley of poisoned arrows, all aiming for his soul. It couldn’t be. He refused to believe it.┋

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✤ Climbing steps

┋If you’re down, feeling like you don’t belong, like there’s no point to anything, like you’re not worth it, let’s start thinking about it differently. Let’s start talking about ourselves, and about life differently. Let’s speak the reality we’d like to live in. And let’s do things differently, small things. Wash the dishes, clean our houses, things that may not matter at first sight, but that are steps we can climb to get to where we want. Let’s climb those steps and let’s be the people we want to be!┋

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✤ Respite

┋Doing battle is seldom something one can do for extended periods of time. Even the most frightening, nightmarish warriors sometimes desire a respite from swinging and battering and killing. Sometimes, even the most toughened of men require the solace of the sun breathing down on them, the fresh breath of a glass in their hands. And I am no exception. And I am no exception.┋

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