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✤ No offence, but I don’t know what peace is …

┋The war had been long and arduous, and it was still not over. I had tried to return come, having been discharged, but instead of the vivid green I remember, the warm, cosy feel of the cottage, and the smell of freshly cooked food, I only found death and decay. Then, they attacked. I felt sorrow for my home, but strangely enough, as jumped and lit up my swords, a happy, homey feeling washed over me. Perhaps the truth is, I don’t know what peace is. Perhaps I never felt what it’s like. Perhaps I was never interested in it.┋

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✤ And they won’t be able to come…

┋If they cross the river, what of it? If they defeat Cerberus, what of it? And the wheel, and the vultures and the Moirai and the labyrinth, and the crevasses and the shadows and even Death? They can come. They can come and kneel before the corpse throne, and pay their respects to the realm of the dead!┋

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