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✤ Parkour

┋Châu Belle explains it (parkour) is a “type of freedom” or “kind of expression”; that parkour is “only a state of mind” rather than a set of actions, and that it is about overcoming and adapting to mental and emotional obstacles as well as physical barriers.┋

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✤ Between an idiot and a smirk…

┋So… tell me. Cause you’re at a crossroads, yeah, what’s it gonna be, hm? Heaven or Hell, up or down, black or white, it’s always been either this, or that, old son. And really, you can’t be in the middle, there’s never been a middle.. middle grounds are for those cunts up in the Parliament and you look like one as much as I look like a preacher. So tha’ ain’t it. Make up your mind, then. But soddin’ make it up already. The world’s movin’ on.┋

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✤ About worth…

┋An arm shot through the crowd, followed by the red, exhausted face of a plump man, wearing robes lined with gold.
‘That one! How much is that one?’ he yelled to cover the sound of the men behind him.┋

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✤ Have you come to see me?

┋’You come into my house and threaten me, seeking the fulfillment of a wish. As if your threats meant anything. Fortunate you are, though, for you shall not pay for your audacity in flesh. Instead, I say this to you: the wish you seek I cannot grant. The only one who can is in there.’ the Pharaoh said, as he pointed at the chest of the man in front of him.┋

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