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✤ Why I Relay

┋Any little bit of help any of us can do towards helping find a solution to cancer is worth it. Be it money, helping publicize a noble cause or being close to those suffering and those caring for them. So I Relay hoping that one day, a young man won’t have to care for his close ones and people with years ahead of them won’t have to be buried early. Hoping that those who’d survive won’t have to fight to do so. Hoping that one day, hearing those news won’t be the end of one’s world. That’s Why I Relay.┋Continue reading✤ Why I Relay

✤ Schrödinger’s revenge

┋Schrödinger had woken up early in the morning, his sleep brutally interrupted by yet another nightmare. For the past three decades, the vile Witch of Hardiband had haunted his thoughts, memories and dreams, even guided his actions. For three decades, every breath he had dedicated to hunting down the Witch and avenging his family. And today he was closer than ever. ┋

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✤ Home again

┋He felt anxious, as the servants rushed all around him. It felt surreal, like he was a part of a different world than them. He broke the stare into the mirror to catch a glance at the outside. The sun was blissfully heading to its sleep, and the world outside seemed to follow suit. Inside, a flicker of hope danced vividly, speaking its piece, that whatever resided in her, for him, had not followed the sun.┋

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