Tag: Deadwool

✤ Breathe

┋I have always been consumed with passion
And it scares me when I am stagnant
I start to doubt, like did I just imagine
All the art I made, was it just a phase, no┋

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✤ Light

┋┋Finally, he could go out of the house. He had known for a while it wouldn’t be long, but the police kept checking in every few hours to make sure he was abiding by the house arrest. His puzzled expression at each of their visits spoke to them that he had no idea why they viewed him as such a threat. He was, after all, but an innocent man living out his youth. ┋

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✤ Prisons

┋Prisons are not always bars and guards. Sometimes, it’s the bone of our skull, the paint on the walls, the kind words that rain down. Prisons are not always bars and guards. And so, prisons can always be escaped from.┋

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✤ 2020

New body – Legacy Male and New Head – LeLUTKA Guy.
I’m really pleased with this. There’s always room for improvement, and 2020 is going to be just that: improvement and evolution!

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