✤ Careful what you pray for . . .

∴ And just as the people had finished their lunches in the town’s modest square, it suddenly became night. Glimmers of red shone in the distant sky, faint at first, like dying stars from a galaxy far, far away. As a crowd gathered near the town’s fountain, three lightning bolts struck – horrifying, humanoid creatures spawned at their end, beaming their many eyes down at the people – and just behind them, fiery and terrifying, a large stone headed for the peaceful mountain town.

People often pray to their guardian angels. They pray for salvation, help, absolution. But this is not how they expected their prayers to be answered . . .

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✠ The Seraphim’s Embrace full-body suit and mask. COPY/MOD/NT. Suit was designed around legacy male, but should fit most male body types. BOM Alpha layer included to hide your body. Belleza Jake users may need to use their body HUD to hide nails. The Mask (Seraphim’s Gaze) is included with the suit and is unrigged, copy/mod/nt. Available in 8 color variants, and a discounted fat pack option.

Suits [SOMNIUM] Seraph’s Embrace @ Midnight Order

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