✤ When a joke the makes dad . . .  

∴ The Mandrakes had found him lounging by the trunk of a fallen tree. How he had gotten there, even he could not say – the swamps, foggy and chilling, had their charm about them though and he had decided to rest.
The Mandrakes had asked of him stories – they were collectors of tales, and they sought every being possible to hear about all sorts of anecdotes. Just as he normally did, he cleared his throat, and proceeded. The Mandrakes listened eagerly, riding and latching onto every word with supreme attention: they had to know everything. He told them of a Dragon of his homeland, who had fathered many children. Yet, not only was this Dragon always hunting for prey to bring his offspring, but even in those moments when he was not stalking, he was always flying away across a lake, and watching the fish with his Dragon friends.
One evening, he told them, his wife, the Dragon Lady, grabbed the Dragon’s claws, and pulled him forwards, just as he was about to fly away from their cave. “Why!” he told them the Dragon Lady said. “Why can you not pay more attention to me? Why do you not spend time with me and our whelps? Do I not bring you happiness? Do our children not bring you happiness?”
He lowered his voice into silence, and watched the Mandrake Troupe hold their breaths. When he spoke, his voice was thickened, heavier – because that is how a Dragon speaks, he added. “My Wife.” The Dragon began. “The reasons I do not such things is because . . .” He stopped. A light flickered behind his eyes, as he watched his little buddies inching closer, and raising their little hands towards him, eager and with baited breaths. They needed to know! He continued. “The reason I do no such things is because I am . . . a man-drake.”
The Mandrakes remained stunned for a second – and at a moment’s notice, they turned around and wailed in anguish at the hearing of such an ending. “You are not that clever.” Spoke the bird next to him. “Yes, I am.” He smirked back.

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Outfit ◆ .Viki. ◆ Jadon Outfit @ We <3 RP
✘ Mandrakes Minions ◆ [SOMNIUM] ◆ Mandrake Troupe @ We <3 RP

This picture was taken at the gorgeous Forgotten Gardens! It’s a brand new fantasy region, with a chilling, decrepit swamp, peppered with easter-eggs and so many seating places it’s absolutely mind-blowing! I heartily recommend a visit. Here’s the LANDMARK!

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