✤ About unity . . .

∴ When two forces unite, their efficiency doubles, and something new is always birthed.

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support and for posing with me! Check out her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Skin ◆ Fallen Gods Inc.Nirvana Thin Ice @ Skin Fair 2022
✘ Hair ◆ DOUXShai Hairstyle

✘ Skin ◆ Fallen Gods Inc. ◆ Deep Blue Expanding Universe @ Skin Fair 2022


This new pack of skins from Fallen Gods is a superb addition to any fantasy’s afficionado’s ‘arsenal’! It comes in a plethora of colours and shades. You will be hard-pressed not to find a play or scene to use them in!

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