✤ A choice . . .

∴ What will you be having today, Mr. Dragon? What is it that you desire to build you up? A smother of dust? Some puffs of smoke? Perhaps a few pills, or a syringe? Whatever you think will bring you happiness. It is the only selection we have for that.  

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Skin ◆ lock & tuft x ALT3 ◆ Arturo (Young) @ Skin Fair 2022


This skin from lock & tuft x ALT3 is a fantastic addition to Skin Fair, offering a bit of an alternative look! It has a good selection of skin colours, and comes without brows. Inside the pack, you will find both usual brows (depicted below), as well as cut brows on either the right or left side. Both the blog picture and the image below depict the young version of the skin. The old one can be seen below, in the ad picture.
All pictures below are taken in the Alchemy Viewer, on medium settings, using the CalWL windlight.

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