✤ Moments to remember . . .

∴ It had been quite the trip .. ! In fact, it was one of the best trips in Kulaan’s life, and he had been places. Yet this trip was less about the sights, and more about … history. Acquainting. They had both left the UK together, in the back of the truck with a single purpose in mind: somehow get to Romania.

Once the money had been exchanged, they boarded a flight. Soon enough, they landed in Bucharest … and everything seemed to be the same. Perhaps it was simply how the country was: little changed there. Of course, the new technologies of the Muggle world were present, but the people, the smells, the land, they were all quite like he had left them all those years ago. And the same could be said about the places they visited.

And then, a few days later, it all came to an end. Upon boarding the plane back to the UK and Hogwarts, they left behind the castles, the forts and the large statue of the Once-King. To the young Dragon, it felt a little like leaving behind a place he thought they both belonged to.

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support and for posing with me! Check out her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Earrings ◆ namo. ◆ Zia Earcuffs
Sweater ◆ The Secret Store ◆ Myra Comfy Sweater – Candy
Hair ◆ Vanity Hair ◆ Jewelled 

✘ Top ◆ KJim ◆ Men’s Casual Sweater

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