✤ Finally, the air is thicker…

∴Something feels a little old
Just a little too familiar
Like I’ve done this all before, or read the story
And it’s fair, I suppose,
To dismiss it, obtrusive
Feel apart and not at home
Just like I’m used to.
Veela – Forever Blue

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Skin ◆ [Frizzle] ◆ Colson @ Skin Fair 2021
✘ Body Tattoo ◆ Nefekalum Tattoo ◆ Diamondback #12 @ Skin Fair 2021
✘ Face Tattoo ◆ Nefekalum Tattoo ◆ Dusted (Ice) @ Skin Fair 2021
✘ Pose ◆ Synnergy ◆ Cooper001 – 1L Pose!!
✘ Backdrop ◆ Synnergy ◆ Sunny Days Backdrop @ Manly Weekend Sale!!
✘ Head ◆ LeLUTKA ◆ Alain Head

Here are the raw, in-world pictures of the COLSON Skin by Frizzle, available at Skin Fair 2021. The skin is worn on the LeLUTKA Alain Head. The pictures are taken on Medium Settings, with the neutral202D0Use wind light. The shape was made by me.

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