✤ Texting…

∴ It had been more than an hour since she had texted him. The words on the screen still ran rampant through his mind, forming and connecting to all sorts of thoughts. He still had not replied.. and he knew she was waiting for an answer.
But what was there that he could say? After a dozen minutes of pondering in his room, the roof was chosen as place of contemplation. The night sky had its own allure, and they always said night is the best advisor. And yet, even night failed him.

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Head ◆ CATWA ◆ George HDPRO Head @ Skin Fair 2021 (South SIM)
✘ Skin ◆ Go & See ◆ Enzo Skin @ Skin Fair 2021 (South SIM)
✘ Hair ◆ Dura ◆ U112 @ TMD
✘ Jacket ◆ //Ascend// ◆ Preston Hoodie – Geometry @ TMD
✘ Pose ◆ CKEY Poses ◆ Roman Series #5 @ TMD

Here are the raw, in-world pictures of the Enzo Skin by Go & See, available at Skin Fair 2021. The skin is for CATWA Daniel, though it is worn here on the brand new George HDPRO Head by CATWA. The pictures are taken on Medium Settings, with the CalWL wind light. The shape was made by me.

The newest HDPRO Head coming from CATWA is titled George, and it’s pretty spectacular work! It is very responsive to sliders, and can be easily shaped according to the user’s desires. The head itself comes in three versions – Earless, NonBentoEar, and BentoEar, the latter of which can be used to customized the ears. Yes, elf ears ARE a possibility – just check the images above!
The George HDPRO Head also comes with a series of attachments: earrings (which can be seen in the pictures above), lip piercing, tongue piercing, teeth braces and teeth gems. The package also contains an HDPRO beard, and a skin in four tones (not pictured here).
The HUD is intuitive, and the pictograms make maneuvering it a breeze. It is comprehensive, and offers flexible options to mask, tint, and customize almost any aspect of the head. Furthermore, as per the HDPRO standard, the HUD also comes with its own sliders, to further personalize a user’s head! And if you’re a fan of customizing, you’ll find that, as I have done, you can change the HUD’s colour to your liking (I picked green as it is my favourite colour).
The animations HUD offers a plethora of options, and makes expressing emotions a pleasure! Gentlemen, make sure to throw in a wink and a smile when you’re chatting up your date – who knows where it might lead!
Overall, the head is a recommended purchase, and bound to be a well-deserved upgrade.

CATWA George HDPRO ad picture
CATWA HDPRO George Animations HUD

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