✤ Skin Fair 2021! Coming Soon!!

Skin Fair 2021 by Pale Girl Productions & LeLUTKA is near, and you know what that means! Whether you want to change how you look, adjust bits and pieces or just give something new a try, you ought to pay attention from the 12th of March, all the way to the 29th of March.

For your convenience, Skin Fair 2021 will be happening on two sims: Summercoast (South) and Bearfoot Canyon (North). On that same train of thought, a complexity limit of 100.000 will be enforced during the event, and both sims will be PG rated!

Now that we’ve gone through the details, let’s see who the sponsors are! We’ve got CATWA, Signature, LOGO, LAQ, Pumec, TAOX Tattoo, INITHIUM and Go&See! But there’s many more designers participating in Skin Fair 2021, bringing together skins, tattoos, make-up, heads, bodies and other items! Remember to always try a demo, and check out the full list of designers below!

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