✤ In foreign lands…

┋There was no shortage of differences between the castle and Fáel’s home. The floors were hard, and lacked the softness and rawness of Mother Earth. The ceilings covered, and shielded from nature. The beds were soft, and the pillows softer. And likely the worst of all, nobody who was anybody did anything on their own; there were slaves, many more than free men and women, and each attended to every of the other’s needs. It was almost like ants, cluttering for a rotten grape.
Amidst these foreign things, however, Fáel there was one which resembled his home – she was harsh and unforgiving, like the elements, but soft, and caring too. Her eyes were cold, and distant like the mountain peaks, but the rare smile proved more akin to the warm summer sun. It was her who he cornered that afternoon.
“I want you to be mine.” He spoke, as both his arms blocked her escape. She had seen him before, and knew he was one of higher rank among the delegation of his people.
She lingered her eyes on him for a few moments, as if studying his face. “So?” She replied, eventually. “What makes you think I want to be yours?”
“I do. Back home, when we want something, we take it.” His painted eyes bore into hers, like hands of the spirit aiming to wrangle her into his submission.
“This isn’t back home. This is here. Just because you want something, does not make it so.” Her words were laced with amusement, yet strong, powerful – in a different way from his. “One does not conquer and bend Mother Earth like a slave.” She reached forwards and pressed a finger to his lips.┋ 

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support and for posing with me! Check out her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Outfit ◆ Art&Ko ◆ Charming Sorceress @ We <3 RP

✘ Top ◆ AtaMe ◆ Freyr Cape Black @ We <3 RP
✘ Pants ◆ GTS ◆ Barbaria Pants
✘ Body Tattoo ◆ Endless Pain Tatoo ◆ Einar Tattoo
✘ Face Tattoo ◆ Endless Pain Tatoo ◆ Viking War Face Paint
✘ Pose ◆ Synnergy ◆ Caress

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