✤ This is …

┋This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It’s our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween┋  

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name! 

✘ Tattoo ◆ Juna Artistic Tattoo ◆ Brad Tattoo 
✘ Pose ◆ IndiGo Poses ◆ Oregon Breathing Poses #4
✘ Skeletons ◆ :InkMe: ◆ Funny Skeletons Gacha @ Gachaland
✘ Shadows (ghosts) ◆ MadPea ◆ Shadow Ghosts
✘ Gnomes ◆ Bee Designs ◆ Spooky Gnomes Gacha @ Gachaland

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