✤ Back to my (Royal) Roots …

┋One of the things that has so well transferred over from my real life into this world is my love of nature, of greenery, forests, the wild. There’s few places I truly feel peace in, few I can truly call home, but amidst the trees if where I’ve always found that. And so, last week I enjoyed a moment of peace at the Royal Roots Trailer Park & Campground.

So what is Royal Roots? To me it’s an experience, one that takes you through luminous forest trails, seemingly unexplored, amidst the wilderness of nature. There’s plenty to not satisfy just your sense of sight, but your hearing too: gorgeous, glistening waterfalls and the chime of leaves will add to your immersion into a world remote.

If the scenery will not suffice, however, there’s plenty of activities to engage in. Between horseback riding, archery, scuba diving, rock diving, fishing, there’s plenty to keep your mind off worries! And if you need some inside activities, perhaps on a rainy day, events such as bingo and yoga, run by park staff will provide the necessary physical rest for the next day of engagement with Mother Nature. And since it’s a family friendly vacation (no mauling bears!), the Park has the amazing Royal Cubs Club, loaded with toys and all sorts of games for the little ones!

To lay our heads at night, Ryanna and I brought a tent and set it up on one of the land rentals. However, if you’d like a more solid roof above your head, the Park also offers trailers in three sizes, with multiple bedrooms.┋

If you’d like to book a vacation and enjoy nature, peace and hopefully some damn quiet!, visit the booking form below:
Booking Form

The Royal Roots Park & Campground Facebook Page
The Royal Roots Park & Campground Flickr Group

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support and for posing with me! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name!

✘ Leggings ◆ FurtaCor ◆ Pedro Leggings
✘ Pose & Bike Prop ◆ Synnergy ◆ Summer Love Bento Pose

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