✤ The joys of parenting …

┋It had been 20 years since Kulaan had finished his years at Hogwarts, and those years had not been kind to him. Between his Auror job and the kids, his self-care had gone down the drain faster than a bad love potion.

He knew his youngest would soon board the Hogwarts Express for his third year there. So, in an attempt to surprise the boy, Kulaan decided to wear his old school attire and have a little party! Perhaps some things from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and some Chocolate Frogs would make both of them happier.

Despite his gut preceding him whenever he was standing and his face being a bit off following a scuffle with a Dark Wizard, Kulaan brandished the old clothes proudly.

Less proud, however, he was when he entered his son’s room. Not only was there parchment everywhere, but the cauldron bubble with Merlin knew what and a book was floating dangerously above it.

Kulaan couldn’t help but let his jaw drop, and his eyes go big at the mess. He let out a long sigh and dropped his wand, still alight. Parenting was, apparently, more than magic… ┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support – and for decorating! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name!

✘ Pose ◆ Indigo Poses ◆ Kiev Idle Breathing Stands 5


✘ Desk ◆ [Merak] ◆ [Merak] – Hermione’s Study Board
✘ Chair ◆ [Merak] ◆ Hermione’s Chair
✘ Board ◆ [Merak] ◆ Hermione’s Study Board

✘ Mirror ◆ Raindale ◆ Laverton mirror (black) CM

✘ Lights ◆ :[ThePlastik]: ◆ Luuna Ceiling Plate Heavenly
✘ Lights ◆ :[ThePlastik]: ◆ Lunalight Celestial

✘ Cauldron 1, books (close),  potions, potion recipe, scroll, pen and ink ◆ Raindale ◆ Sparrownest Set @ Wizarding Faire 2020
✘ Bench & Scales ◆ ..::THOR::.. ◆ Herbalist Scale and Wizarding Class Bench @ Wizarding Faire 2020

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