✤ Mors

┋Jack saw the smoke rising in furious, vigorous circles from afar, but he refused to believe it. The nearer he got, the more he could feel his heart sink. His brain threw explanations around like a volley of poisoned arrows, all aiming for his soul. It couldn’t be. He refused to believe it.

His horse reared at the sight of it, as if even it could not withstand the view – more so Jack, who, upon seeing the fire feasting on the ruins, felt a knot in his throat. He dashed off the horse and jumped over the dancing flames to get to what had been inside. He kneeled, a most shattering anguish washing over him. His being broke, tears gushing, the pain of loss setting his heart ablaze.

In that moment, the heat felt greater, so much so that he could hear the phantom screams of his family piercing his ears as if real. The scene scorched his skin and he felt as if he was burning himself.

He had been one of the few that had survived the war. Now, however, in this place, breathing and alive as any other, he died.┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

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