✤ If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

┋My fingers feel heavy atop the keys, like lead standing on a dandelion, and yet the words refuse to come out.

This shot was meant to speak of happiness and how it looks to me. When the concept first struck me I had this incredible idea about it, drawn in flashy, meaningful words to dawn on you, the reader, like the obvious. All of that seems lost, so I apologize to you – instead of my usual verbose, I’ll leave you with some raw thoughts.

There’s no happiness, no joy, or accomplishment that stands without a toil behind it. Neither you, nor I should expect happiness to dawn like that idea I had – instead, both of us ought to work to make that happen. We must go through the worst and we must have faith that wherever the end of the tunnel is, we will make light be there.

But also, something both of us ought to remember is that finding happiness means not the end of the road. Happiness is like … Starbucks in winter. You gotta get out of the house in the freezing cold to get it, it’s great once you drink it, and then to get some more you’ve got to put yourself out in the cold again. But hey, it’s damn well worth it.┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

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