✤ Schrödinger’s revenge

┋Schrödinger had woken up early in the morning, his sleep brutally interrupted by yet another nightmare. For the past three decades, the vile Witch of Hardiband had haunted his thoughts, memories and dreams, even guided his actions. For three decades, every breath he had dedicated to hunting down the Witch and avenging his family. And today he was closer than ever.

He got up from the bed of grass and leaves, ragged breaths beating at his lungs, as he reached for his sword. He strapped it to his back and, leaning forward, hand on his knee, took a moment. Clouds of anxiety and expectance gathered atop his chest and pressed down, forcefully, as he took in a hard, long breath. He stood up straight and looked to the skies. Finally, the cries and whimpers of his loved ones would be paid for in kind. What was to happen to the rest of his life, that was a question he had not asked himself. With the sun as guide, Schrödinger set forth to the Witch’s lair.

Not long had he gotten there, past a large stone arch, amidst tall grass and vegetation that he felt her presence. ‘After all these years…’ his thought trailed in his mind. Suddenly, his eardrums, his mind and, indeed, his whole being was assaulted by as screeching sound, like nails on a metal pan. He looked forwards and saw the Witch’s shadowy figure tower over him, her teeth grinding against each other and a fiery glow in her eyes.

‘I remember you!’ he shrieked, a demented cackle following right after. ‘Come to join your family, have you?’

‘I have come to end you, Witch! I have come to drive my sword into your heart and avenge those who have fallen to your spells!’ he yelled back at her, the rage building up. He reached for his sword and held it tight in front of him.

‘You may try, little cat.’ the Witch replied, grinning widely, as she brought her hands together. ‘But many have tried, just like you. And many I have killed. Just like I will you!’ she thundered, her voice filling the air around. The trees cracked and the grass waved violently as she lunged forward, hand towards him, ready to strike.

‘Spirit of Nature, I beseech you! Aid my blade against this abomination and I shall repay your service. Give me the strength of your kind, so I may achieve my vengeace!’ he prayed, as he closed his eyes.

He could not see, but from behind, a shape took form, clad in flowing red robes. He felt its touch upon his back and he knew that the Spirit had answered his prayers. He strengthened his resolve and knew that once he’d open his eyes, his blade would cut down the dreadful witch.┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support and for posing! Check her Flickr by clicking on her name!

Shot taken at the amazing Queensgarden sim of the Fantasy Faire 2020! Click the names to go to each of the locations!

✘ Suit ◆ Designs by Isaura ◆ Dinkies Twitcher

✘ Suit ◆ Designs by Isaura ◆ Dinkies Layali

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