✤ Light

┋Finally, he could go out of the house. He had known for a while it wouldn’t be long, but the police kept checking in every few hours to make sure he was abiding by the house arrest. His puzzled expression at each of their visits spoke to them that he had no idea why they viewed him as such a threat. He was, after all, but an innocent man living out his youth.

But the visits ended yesterday and today was the start of a new life. When the world would look at him, they would see the bright, shining, happy and achievement hungry young man. The one they needed to see. The one they wanted to see. For how can a the son of such a brilliant, caring and generous man, his father, be anything else?

They were free to see as they saw fit.

Today was a day for business. There were things that needed to be cared for, handled, before they ran out of control and the four walls he had been stuck in had left him powerless to attend to them. No more. No more is what he said to himself again, as his first foot stepped into the light. He felt nothing at first – the estate had plenty of room for him to enjoy even while the house arrest had been going on. It wasn’t until he stepped foot outside of the little cover that he felt it. It was naught but light and yes, it was bright and warm, but in that moment, it dove through him like the boiling acid in a barrel rushing forward to devour and cleanse everything in its path. Purity, hope, renewal, all these things and many more he felt and he couldn’t help but stop for a moment to take that in. They even brought a smile, a rare jewel for him, in a corner of his lips.

And, almost as fast as it came, that second went, as ephemeral, and perhaps meaningless, as those things the light tried to instill in him. He kept on marching. There were things to take care of, and after the light came the shadows. He knew all too well, that’s where he truly belonged. ┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

✘ Suit ◆ Lapointe Bastchild ◆ Edge Business Suit Premium Edition
✘ Glasses ◆ Milo’s Bazaar ◆ Round Glasses Type C
✘ Backdrop ◆ MINIMAL ◆ Hacienda Backdrop

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