✤ Respite

┋Doing battle is seldom something one can do for extended periods of time. Even the most frightening, nightmarish warriors sometimes desire a respite from swinging and battering and killing. Sometimes, even the most toughened of men require the solace of the sun breathing down on them, the fresh breath of a glass in their hands. And I am no exception. And I am no exception.
One day. The one day when I got to take off my armour, put down the axe, put down the sword, put down the spear and the shield. One day where I can lay bare in front of the world and not fear its strike. One day where my back does not need to be covered. The day I get the chance to close my yes instead of opening them, wide, in shock or searching.
And as I closed them, as I lay down, drink in hand, worries subdued, the thought of fighting at the back of my head and I manage to close my eyes. Even then, barely. For you never know where danger lies, hidden in the most innocent of thoughts. But, as I sigh, I let that go. Come what may, I think to myself, as I relax the muscles in my body and bask in the morning light. Come what may. But for now, I can breathe. ┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

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