✤ Welcome, glad to have you with us!

┋They all get terrified when they move right past me at the door way and, as soon as the gates close behind them, there I am again, smile on the lips and wisecrack on the tongue, welcoming them to eternal damnation.
Truthfully, I expect that. With all the talks of crossings and boat men, it would quirk my brow to see the same ol’ bloke sticking it out at the other end.
But that’s the way things go ’round here. Everything is me, and I am everything. Wait ’till they see who’s going to pretend to save ’em.┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

This is the Stay Strong Tatt Gacha RARE that covers the entire body. The shots are all taken with calWL, in Black Dragon, on ULTRA settings.

✘ Tattoo ◆ Speakeasy ◆ Stay Strong Tatt Gacha RARE @ Phases Event
✘ Glasses ◆ VISUALPHA ◆ Antisocial Kids Gacha – Symbolic Glasses RARE @ Phases Event
✘ Horns ◆ V8 SHOP ◆ HELL HORN
✘ Backdrop ◆ VISUALPHA ◆ Antisocial Kids Gacha – Backdrop / hell @ Phases Event

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