✤ Poke the man, the devil comes

┋He closed his eyes and took a breath in, the sum of everything staining the oxygen invading his lungs. Burdening as it was, he knew this moment had to come, a prophecy shouted out by every single minute of every single day.
Poke. Nudge. Do. Move. Be. Poke. Poke. Nudge. Make. Move. Poke. Nudge. Be. Poke. All the things that peppered every day he felt all together, at once, as he saw black, the tension in his chest rising and pressing against his heart, and the heart beating faster, struggling to breath, and every breath pumping that filth in his veins. And through it all, the pain, the tension, the anxiety, the calling back, and forth inside he screamed, loud inside, and his eyelids pressed against his eyeballs harder, all his muscles, fiber by fiber clenching.

“They’re calling. Let me pick up.” he said, from somewhere far away, his voice raining down like an echo, drowned by all the the pressure.

“I can’t!” he yelled. “They won’t like me if I do.” came a few more words, slipped through the screaming.

“You won’t care. We won’t care.” he continued – his voice felt like it came from somewhere up. “And besides, how bad can I be? I’m you.”

He pushed out one final scream, feeling his throat give out, before his light went out, body falling limp against the floor. With that, the tension exploded, the pain, his muscles, the filth burst and vanished to dust.
On the outside, he opened his eyes, the light hitting his pupils as he hovered through the door. His back itched and he gave a shake of his wings as he cracked his neck. He stopped, just outside and looked dead ahead.

They had called. He answered.┋

✠ Thank you to my wife, Ryanna, for the support.

✘ Top ◆ FurtaCor ◆ Dustin Jacket
✘ Pants ◆ GABRIEL ◆ Cotton Pants
✘ Wings ◆ PUNCH ◆ Devil / Distinct
✘ Shoes ◆ Deadwool ◆ Chase Sneakers – Black
✘ Horns ◆ Blueberry ◆ Icon – Angel Wings
✘ Backdrop ◆ MINIMAL ◆ Broken Backdrop N-2 @ UberSL

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