Month: March 2020

✤ Respite

┋Doing battle is seldom something one can do for extended periods of time. Even the most frightening, nightmarish warriors sometimes desire a respite from swinging and battering and killing. Sometimes, even the most toughened of men require the solace of the sun breathing down on them, the fresh breath of a glass in their hands. And I am no exception. And I am no exception.┋

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✤ The spring of back then

┋The gust of wind had caught him by surprise. The fresh scent of April had, at first, teased him with a joke. Being in that place, though, made the joke from being about his life to the times he had spent there in his youth. The laughter, the games, the picnics, the friendships, all coming together in what was most likely the last breath of his innocence.┋

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